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Special Offers 

Girl Empowerment Program

Our Girl Empowerment Program is held once a month for SG members ages 7-18 years. This program was created to empower young ladies to make better decisions and have real discussions on various topics such as; bullying, peer pressure, responsibility, leadership, and much more! The girls will participate in team-building exercises to encourage collaboration rather than competition, work together, develop their strengths, and increase their motivation to complete tasks in a timely manner. We will have women, and guest speakers, in our community come to share their stories, to inspire young ladies to better themselves. Dancers interested in signing up for this program can contact our Girl Empowerment Coordinator Miss. Sage Jackson via 441-703-2623. After signing up, each member will receive an SG punch card for attendance and when the card is full, she will be awarded a certificate of completion and a special prize! 


Girls Day Out

Sui Generis believes building friendships is important. We know there are benefits to our physical health, mental health, confidence, happiness, and sense of self. There are so many reasons why we love a fun ‘Girl's Day Out. All dancers are encouraged to attend this fun day which is held on the last Saturday of each term. Our SG Management Team will come up with creative ideas to make each special fun day unique!

'Girl Power’ Dance Camps

Our ‘Girl Power’ Dance Camps are for girls ages 5-11 years. You do not have to be an SG member to sign up. We offer a Mid-Term Break Camp in October and February, Spring Break Camp in March or April, Summer Dance Camp in July and August, and a Winter camp in December. We will post a flyer closer to the date for more details.

Mid-Term and Spring Break Camp Fee:  

$175 per child 

$300 siblings 

Summer Dance Camp Fee:

$200 per child   

$350 siblings 

Winter Dance Camp Fee:

$175 per child   

$300 siblings 


SG ‘Helping Hands’ Volunteer Program

The SG Volunteer Program is an opportunity for dancers to earn community service hours for school requirements. We believe it helps build character and encourages young ladies to grow up to become caring and productive citizens who voluntarily do service for their community. 


SG ‘Shining Stars’ Homework Club

The SG ‘Shining Stars’ Homework Club is an opportunity for dancers to complete their homework assignments before class on weekdays. Sui Generis believes education comes first, and we know it can be difficult at times to balance school work and extracurricular activities. A member of the SG Management Team will oversee and assist with any questions a dancer may have.  

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